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Missouri River Projects

Flood damages in the United States now approach $6 billion annually. The National Flood Insurance Program is essentially bankrupt — $18 billion in debt to the US Treasury. More and larger levees are increasing the frequency and severity of flooding. Great Rivers believes that the position taken by the Association of State Flood Plain Managers — that “levees should not be used as a means to allow the development of currently undeveloped flood prone land,” — is sound public policy.
The following are some of the battles we have engaged in:


Great Rivers Supports Corps of Engineers' Plan to Restore Shallow Water Habitat in Missouri River.

Great Rivers Files Comments on Behalf of the Missouri Coalition for the Environment in Support of the Corps of Engineers' Jameson Island Shallow-Water Habitat Restoration Project.

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(June 27, 2012)

Great Rivers Files Suit Against City of St. Charles.

Suit alleges City illegally declared flood plains as blighted area.
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(February 9, 2010)

Flood Insurance Program Threatens Endangered Species in Missouri

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(December 3, 2009)

Environmental Organizations Urge EPA to Remove Radioactive Wastes From Missouri River Floodplain

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(April 2, 2009)

Litigation against FEMA over St. Peters Levee

Great Rivers Files Suit Against FEMA.

Suit alleges urban levee fails to meet FEMA's design requirements.

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(December 30, 2008)


Victory in Fight Over Proposed Levee in Jefferson City

The battle over the proposed 1,000-year "super-levee" has been won, at least until the Army Corps of Engineer submits new plans for this levee. In May, 2007, the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Missouri ruled that the Environmental Assessment prepared by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for the proposed levee is defective, as the Corps failed to consider cumulative impacts.
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(May 24, 2007)

This victory did not come about easily. There were two prior court rulings on the issue of standing.

Victory in the Eighth Circuit April 4, 2006!

Court Reinstates Challenge to 1,000-Year Levee Proposed for Jefferson City, Missouri.
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(April 2006)

Opposition to AmerenUE's Plant to Store Coal-Fired Power Plant Wastes in Floodplains

Great Rivers files comments opposing AmerenUE's Plans to store wastes from its Sioux coal-fired plant in the floodplains of the Missouri River.

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(February 15, 2008)

Missouri and Upper Missouri River States at Odds over Missouri River

Great Rivers Files Comments Concerning the North Dakota Red River Valley Water Supply Project.

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(April 24, 2007)

For more on the topic of water fights within the United States, see the book by Great Rivers' board member Ken Midkiff, Not a Drop to Drink, America's Water Crisis (And What You Can Do), in which Midkiff discusses battles raging across the United States over decreasing water supplies.

Rivers and Streams of the State of Missouri

Mississippi River Project

With the Help of Great Rivers, Citizens Appeal Plan to Expand Milam Landfill in Illinois onto Land Containing Native American Artifacts.

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(March 14, 2007)

Fishable and Drinkable Waters for the State of Missouri

Notice of Intent to Sue U.S. EPA Letter Sent April 4, 2006.  Missouri Department of Natural Resources Failed to Submit Mandatory 303(d) List of Impaired Waters in Missouri by Due Date of April 3, 2006.

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(April 2006)

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